10 Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe ASAP

With finals on the horizon, it’s easy to fall into an outfit rut. I know I opt for leggings and t-shirts more and more as the workload gets heavier. But your outfits don’t have to be boring to be cozy. Here are 10 looks that’ll make you want to kick back with a latte ASAP.

1. Cozy Dress


It’s finally dress season! Even if the spring months are too cold for dresses, cozy it up by adding chunky scarves or sweaters. Throw on some boots to complete the look.

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2. Flannel

10 Favorite Fall Outfits

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I love how this woman uses her flannel as an accessory. Change up your usual sweater and jeans/leggings by tying a flannel or jean shirt around your waist.

3. Off-the-shoulder


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Add a new sweater to your collection with an off-the-shoulder knit. I like the way she styles hers with skinny jeans and booties.

4. Blanket scarf


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The best thing about a blanket scarf is in the name: they’re basically the closest thing to taking your bed with you to work in the morning.

5. Floppy hat


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I bought a black floppy hat just like this one at Express (on sale, of course) last summer, and I’ve completely fallen in love. I’d wear it everyday if I could. Get one in a neutral or dark color that will go with all of your outfits.

6. Trendy skirt

Autumn Street Style

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Just like dresses, skirts can be dressed for chillier days. Wear them with boots, a sweater, and a leather jacket or jean jacket. If it’s chillier than usual, add tights or long socks underneath.

7. Layer it up


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I. Love. LAYERS. I’m a big fan or layering sweaters with jean shirts and flannels. My light vest gets a ton of use during these transition months because it keeps me warm, but I’m not sweating in a big jacket.

8. Over-the-knee boots


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These boots are HUGE this year. You can wear them with jeans or dresses; they add sass to any outfit. Looking for a pair? Try these from Charlotte Russe, or these from DSW.

9. Turtleneck


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Turtlenecks are back in, and I’ve never been more excited. I have both a chunky, flowy sweater turtleneck and a tighter one to tuck into high waisted jeans.

10. Knit hat


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Every gal needs a cozy knit hat—especially when those “I stayed up all night studying” bad hair days roll around, you’ll want a fashionable hat to hide the damage. Dear fuzzy hat, what would I do without you?

XOXO, Sierra

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