11 Types of Men You’ll Encounter in College

1. The player



The typical player is hot and he knows it—he’s managed to snag a girl from almost every organization on campus. He’s loads of fun, but he has commitment issues. Best to steer clear.

2. The gym rat



This is the “I have three protein shakes a day. Just trying to bulk up,” kinda guy. He loves to brag about how much he can lift; he may have even mentioned how he could probably bench press you. “Probably.”

3. The brainiac



They’re the best person to sit next to in class because they always know what’s going on (so while you’re online shopping, they’re scribbling notes). Pair up with them for some study dates and you won’t regret it.

4. The asshole



Of all the great guys you’ll meet at college, there will inevitably be a few jerks. If they look or act anything like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, run in the opposite direction.

5. The funny guy



Honestly, my goal in life is to find my very own Chandler Bing. Now taking applications, boys.

6. The sweetheart



Okay, maybe I want a mix of Chandler from Friends and Jim Halpert from The Office. Is that too much to ask for?

7. The bar-hopper



Here’s the guy you’ll always find dancing at the bar or playing pong at parties. Party on, brother.

8. The dad



Possibly the very best kind of college guy, the “dad” of the group always knows how to have a rockin’ good time. He can typically be found wearing sweaters, tube socks, and fanny packs without shame. Plus, the dad-jokes are endless.

9. The friendzoned



This poor guy, no matter how hard he tries, will never leave the friendzone. He’s an amazing friend to every girl he meets, but they’ll never think of him as more than a friend.

10. The fratty guy



From the moment this guy came out the womb, he was born to be a frat star. You always spot him on campus walking in his Sperry’s and salmon-colored shorts. He over-uses the word “dude” and “brah” and he represents his fraternity everywhere he goes.

11. Your best friends



Within all of these groups of men, you’ll find a special few that will become your very best friends. Whenever you need advice on other guys, or someone to go grab a burger with, you can call them. They’ll be there for you during the break ups, the failed exams, and everything in between. So shout-out to the men who make our lives better—we don’t know what we’d do without you.

XOXO, Sierra

10 Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe ASAP

With finals on the horizon, it’s easy to fall into an outfit rut. I know I opt for leggings and t-shirts more and more as the workload gets heavier. But your outfits don’t have to be boring to be cozy. Here are 10 looks that’ll make you want to kick back with a latte ASAP.

1. Cozy Dress


It’s finally dress season! Even if the spring months are too cold for dresses, cozy it up by adding chunky scarves or sweaters. Throw on some boots to complete the look.

(via Pinterest)

2. Flannel

10 Favorite Fall Outfits

(via Pinterest)

I love how this woman uses her flannel as an accessory. Change up your usual sweater and jeans/leggings by tying a flannel or jean shirt around your waist.

3. Off-the-shoulder


(via Pinterest)

Add a new sweater to your collection with an off-the-shoulder knit. I like the way she styles hers with skinny jeans and booties.

4. Blanket scarf


(via Pinterest)

The best thing about a blanket scarf is in the name: they’re basically the closest thing to taking your bed with you to work in the morning.

5. Floppy hat


(via Pinterest)

I bought a black floppy hat just like this one at Express (on sale, of course) last summer, and I’ve completely fallen in love. I’d wear it everyday if I could. Get one in a neutral or dark color that will go with all of your outfits.

6. Trendy skirt

Autumn Street Style

(via Pinterest)

Just like dresses, skirts can be dressed for chillier days. Wear them with boots, a sweater, and a leather jacket or jean jacket. If it’s chillier than usual, add tights or long socks underneath.

7. Layer it up


(via Pinterest)

I. Love. LAYERS. I’m a big fan or layering sweaters with jean shirts and flannels. My light vest gets a ton of use during these transition months because it keeps me warm, but I’m not sweating in a big jacket.

8. Over-the-knee boots


(via Pinterest)

These boots are HUGE this year. You can wear them with jeans or dresses; they add sass to any outfit. Looking for a pair? Try these from Charlotte Russe, or these from DSW.

9. Turtleneck


(via Pinterest)

Turtlenecks are back in, and I’ve never been more excited. I have both a chunky, flowy sweater turtleneck and a tighter one to tuck into high waisted jeans.

10. Knit hat


(via Pinterest)

Every gal needs a cozy knit hat—especially when those “I stayed up all night studying” bad hair days roll around, you’ll want a fashionable hat to hide the damage. Dear fuzzy hat, what would I do without you?

XOXO, Sierra

14 Dresses That Will Get You Pumped For Formal

The weather is heating up and the leaves are growing back, and that means that spring formals are right around the corner. One of the most exciting parts of a sorority formal is finding the perfect dress to dance the night away in. Check out these 14 dresses to get inspo for your own formal-worthy ensem.

Striped Sequin Shift Dress (Charlotte Russe)


Catch everyone’s eye in a shimmery yet subtle sequined dress. This striped frock is perfect for a spring formal. Pair it with simple black pointy-toed heels and dangly earrings.

Ruffled Strapless Dress (Charlotte Russe)


Go strapless with this adorable ruffled dress in a muted color like navy. A chunky choker and nude strappy heels complement the ensemble perfectly.

Floral Dress (Forever 21)


Pick a dress with a cool pattern and daring cuts, and you’ll be the flyest girl at the party. Add a rosy pink pout and wavy hair, and you’ll feel like you belong in a fairy tale.

Lace Skater Dress (Forever 21)


I’m obsessed with this lace dress in wine red. The sheer long-sleeves and high neck give it a regal feel. I would add simple gold or pearl earrings and wear my hair up with this frock to feel even more like a queen.

Striped Two-Piece Dress (Nordstrom)


Be daring with a two-piece dress like this striped one from Nordstrom Rack. If it has neutral colors like this one, you could even play it up with a bright pop of color: try a cerulean blue statement necklace or coral heels.

Lace-Up Chiffon Dress (Nordstrom)


If you’re going for a more casual look, find a simple, flowy dress like this one. Pair it with a comfy pair of wedges or heeled sandals so you can bust a move out on the dance floor.

Bird and Floral Dress (Express)


If you go for a patterned look like this pretty frock, make sure the shoes and accessories are more subtle. I would pair nude heels or wedges and gold earrings with this particular dress.

Off the Shoulder Sequin Dress (Express)


Make a statement in a fun, sparkly number. I’m obsessed with this off-the-shoulder dress from Express (off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are super in right now!). The aztec pattern looks even cooler in gold and silver tones.

Evergreen Lace Dress (Francesca’s)


Evergreen tops the list of popular spring colors, making this dress perfect for formal. The middle crochet-like detailing gives this dress a unique spin from the typical A-line. Try a red lip to complement the deep green.

Pocket Halter Dress (Francesca’s)


The dress. Has. POCKETS. Need I say more?

Okay, but I’m saying more. This frock comes in five vibrant colors, so no matter what color scheme you’re looking for, you can find the one for you. Add stacks of bracelets, a headband, and strappy sandals or heels for a bohemian feel.

Black Cutout Dress (NastyGal)


If you’re going to wear black, pick a dress with unique cuts so you stand out, or pair it with colorful accessories. This dress has an almost alien-outer-space feel to it, so I think platform heels would work well.

Peach Fit & Flare Dress (NastyGal)


I love the simplicity of this peachy dress. The deep V neckline and low back make it a top candidate for a formal dress. I’d pair it with nude or white strappy heels and baby blue earrings.

Sweet Fantasy Bodycon Dress (Tobi)


The color of this dress is EVERYTHING. I can’t get over that gorgeous soft pink hue. And the lace cutouts are just darling. White heels and pearl earrings would make this dress really pop.

Island Midi Dress (Tobi)


Finally, this midi dress from Tobi would take everyone’s breath away. The neckline, unique cut, and floral fabric would make you the center of attention. I love that they pair it with white strappy heels and a wavy hairstyle. A+.

No matter what style dress you pick for formal, make sure you work your best accessory: confidence!

XOXO, Sierra

12 Benefits of Being in a Sorority

1. You find your home away from home


I was so excited to move into my sorority house as a junior this fall and officially call “the big yellow house” my home. It’s an amazing feeling coming home after a long day to all of your friends sitting around the dinner table laughing and talking about their ambitions. Plus, our house mom, Kim, is basically all of our mom’s.

2. And all the sisters you never had


I have two younger brothers named Christian (16 years old) and Kellen (12 years old), and while I love them, I’ve always wished for a sister. A huge reason I wanted to join a sorority was for the sisterhood—and now I have 125 of them.

3. There’s always someone to cuddle with

I make my roommate snuggle me all the time. No judgment here.

4. …And pig out with.

No matter what, there’s always someone to grab food with. Whether it’s going out for burgers, ordering Chinese takeout, or baking cookies, you’ll never be alone in your conquest for food.

5. You now have multiple closets to choose from

When I just can’t find something to wear, I can check out my roommate’s closet or take a few steps down the hall and “shop” in my sisters’ closets.

6. And endless costume opportunities


With so many themed events, my costume box has tripled in size. I have everything from 80’s dresses to flapper pearls to animal onesies.

7. You’ll excel in academics

Whenever I’m struggling in a class, I can rely on my sisters to help me out. I’ve always had older sisters who have taken the classes I take, so they always have advice and recommendations for professors.

8. You’ll connect with the community


As the Director of Community Service, I’ve gotten to participate in several amazing volunteer opportunities in the Des Moines area. A sorority is the perfect way to get out into the community and give back.

9. There are professional opportunities

Thanks to the network I’ve gained through my sorority, I’ve had babysitting opportunities, leadership roles, internship offers, and more.

10. You’ll learn what it means to be panhellenic


Some of my best friends are in different sororities than mine, and we always have so much fun going to each others events.

11. It forces you out of your comfort zone


When I accepted my bid to Alpha Phi freshman year, I had no idea how big of an impact it would have on me. These women have empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Without my sorority, I never would have accepted leadership positions or figured out what career path I want to take. I never would have grown or challenged myself. And I am so grateful that I did.

12. You’ll find your best friends


This is the part I could never put into words—and by far the best part of joining a sorority. The connections are so real and I know I can count on these women through the ups and downs of my college years and beyond. I don’t know where I’d be in life without the lifelong friends I’ve made through Alpha Phi.

XOXO, Sierra